Featured Content for Volume 1, Issue 1 - December 14, 2009

On Discipleship
Our regular contributors elaborate on what it means for Christains to become and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Read More >

How's Your Marriage?
by John D. Barry
Is your congregation growing bored with the Bible? Read More >

Standard Deviation?
by Justin Lonas
Heresies present opportunities
for believers to sharpen their  understanding of Scripture
Read More >

The Sower Explained 
by Spiros Zodhiates
We must widely sow Word; some will be snatched away, but some will fall on good ground and produce fruit. Read More >

In addition to these features, the other articles in this issue are found in the left sidebar.

Disciple will be published on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, and our regular columns will alternate between issues as follows:

Every Issue:
Exegetically Speaking
- New Testament exegetical commentary from Spiros Zodhiates' writings
Featured Articles, News Update, Book Reviews, and Puzzles and 'Toons will run in each issue.

2nd Mondays:
Following God
- Expositional teaching from Wayne Barber
Words to Stand You on Your Feet - Articles on Spirit-directed living from Joe McKeever
Jewels from Past Giants - Solid teaching from Christians of all eras
Marks of the Master - Exploring the wonders of creation
Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel - Reports on the ministry of AMG International

4th Mondays:
Counselor's Corner
- Shepherding others through life's problems with James Rudy Gray
Points to Ponder - Short, powerful lessons from Scripture from David Olford
Living out the Living Word - Practical exposition from Justin Lonas
Church Builders - Biographies of the faithful from Bernard R. DeRemer
Story Behind the Song - Devotional histories of our great hymns and choruses from Lindsay Terry


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