Featured Content for Volume 5, Issue 7 - July 2013

Disciple Magazine PrayerTen Hard Truths (and
Sweet Reminders)
about the Church
by Joe McKeever
The Church doesn't belong to you, to me, to any pastor or to any denomination. It is all Christ's. Read More >>

Disciple Magazine GiftRepentance or Healing?
by Shea Oakley 
Sin touches each of us, carving scars into our lives. Some of these scars are our own doing, but others come from sins against us. Christ answers both. Read More >>

Disciple Magazine JesusReproof, Correction, and Training in Righteousness
2 Timothy 3:10-17
by Justin Lonas
In the midst of persecution, in the face of false teaching, and at all times, Scripture is our foundation. Read More >>

Disciple Magazine WilderExposition of Romans 2 
by Martin Luther
Paul has written that all men are without excuse because of God's revelation in creation. Those who have received the Law bear double responsibility. Read More >>

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