Featured Content for Volume 5, Issue 9 - September 2013

Disciple Magazine PrayerThe Opportunity
of Funerals
by James E. Blubaugh
In a time of grief, the only message of eternal hope and salvation is the best and most important thing we can offer to survivors. Read More >>

Disciple Magazine GiftHow God's Children Can Have a Nice Quarrel
by Joe Mckeever
Disagreements will always come up, but how we handle them reflects on the Lord and His Church.

Disciple Magazine JesusOur Attitude toward Riches
James 1:10
by Spiros Zodhiates
James echoes the Lord's own teaching that wealth often makes it more difficult to follow God.

Disciple Magazine WilderA Ministry Fulfilled:
Paul's Last Days
2 Timothy 4:6-14
by Justin Lonas
As Paul reflects on his coming departure from this life, his concern is still for God's truth. Read More >>

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