About the Author

1) My name is Justin Lonas. I live in Chattanooga, Tenn., with my wife (Rachel) and daughters (Canaan, Eden, & Shiloh). I work at AMG International as the editor of Disciple Magazine, where this blog is hosted.

2) I’m a believer in Christ and that the Bible is God’s inerrant Word, written for us and our sole authority for life. As such, I’m not a part of any particular denomination, though this has less to do with any deep conviction against denominationalism (I know many solid believers and solid churches from a wide variety of denominations) and more to do with a desire not to be committed to any extra-biblical traditions (however innocuous). The local church my family & I are members of here is a non-denominational Bible church that focuses on expositional teaching, faithfully living out the Word, and proclamation of the Gospel around the world.

3) I am a lifelong Southerner (I was born and raised in Georgia, and spent 8 years in the North Carolina mountains before moving to Chattanooga), and feel blessed to have been raised in a Christian home and in a region of the world where the culture has been strongly influenced by the Church. Much as I like coming home to the South, I love to travel too, particularly in the Lord’s service. I’ve participated in short-term mission work around the U.S., Latin America, Haiti, and Greece. My wife and I both have both served on our church’s missions committee, helping shepherd the congregation in our collective and individual fulfillment of the Great Commission.

4) I write on the blog (not as often as I should) for the same reasons we publish Disciple Magazine–to encourage Christians to think deeply about things that matter and to grow in greater relationship (and obedience) to God through faithful study of His Word. The things that make it onto the blog (but not the full magazine) are generally shorter thoughts (not necessarily incomplete ones) or musings rather than fully fleshed out articles. I also try to be a bit more personal here.

5) I’m sure I could put a few more details, but that’s all the pertinent stuff (my hobbies and favorite Rachmaninoff pieces probably don’t matter too much to most people).

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