Giving to Haiti

Not All Relief is Created Equal

In the wake of January 12's earthquake in Haiti, many people are considering donating to relief agencies to provide help. This is very encouraging, and decidedly the right thing to do--Jesus reminds us that assisting those in need is truly giving to God (Matt. 25:35-40).

As you consider donations, however, let me encourage you to give only to churches or agencies that you know of who have solid relationships with the Church in Haiti and experience working in that country. The majority of the millions and millions of dollars that will go to Haiti thru general relief agencies will likely wind up in the pockets of politicians and thugs--something that, unfortunately has been the case with Haiti for decades.

For example a donation to a large organization (like UNICEF, the Red Cross, or the World Food Program) will likely get caught up in the web of bureaucracy that keeps Haiti in grinding poverty, whereas a donation to a group that works with its own equipment and staff (such as Samaritan's Purse), or works with locals on the ground in Haiti (such as World Vision or Compassion International) will most likely reach its intended target and actually provide help.

AMG International, Disciple's parent organization, has ongoing work in the north of Haiti (less affected by the quake), and a designated donation for relief there will be directed to our Haitian personnel who will use gifts to help people returning north from Port-au-Prince, and channel funds to credible local ministries in Port-au-Prince which can meet needs far more effectively than the average international agency can. Click HERE to learn more and make a donation.

Thank you,

Justin Lonas

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