Grow in the Word

Children are so cute when they are little, aren't they? I am a grandfather of five grandchildren, and I just want you to know that grandchildren even go a step further in being cute. They just grab your heart! Of course, my wife and I are like a lot of grandparents in that we love to see the headlights coming and the tail lights leaving-after they're gone we have to rest for a couple of days!

 Any parent or grandparent does not want their child to stay a child, even if they say that they do-they want them to grow up! It is a tragic situation when a child refuses to grow up into spiritual and emotional maturity. In our Christian lives, it is the same way. It's tragic when a believer will not grow up in his spiritual walk with God!

In 1 Peter we find the context of believers who are being persecuted for their faith. The Roman emperor Nero burned Rome and then blamed the Christians for what he did. This resulted in horrible persecution for believers. They were burned alive at the stake; put on poles, soaked in oil, and used as torches while the Romans had their orgies; they were taken out to be eaten by lions in an arena. It was an awful time, and yet Peter challenged them to grow in their faith.

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