Jesus Walks on the Sea

Matthew 14:22-36

From Exegetical Commentary on Matthew, AMG Publishers, 2006

Before we move on to the miraculous event of walking on water, we need to interject a comment found in John 6:15, "Jesus, therefore, having known (gnos, the aorist participle of ginōskō [1097], to know by experience) that they would come and take Him by force (harpzein, the present infinitive of harpzō [726], to suddenly and forcefully take away) to make Him a king, departed again into a mountain by Himself " (a.t.).

This event followed the feeding of the five thousand, but it did not hinder Jesus from continuing to perform miracles, confident as He was that "His hour" was "not yet" (John 7:30; 8:20). This would occur only at the parousa (3952), His return and subsequent personal presence in glory.

Nevertheless, the crowds in Bethsaida were feverish enough now to "snatch away" (harpzein) Jesus in order to make Him king. The aorist tense of poiéō ([4160], to make) underscores their determination to do this once for all. The verb is used in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 to describe the unrestrained catching away of the church at Jesus' Second Coming.

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