Know Your Enemy

If I'm A Soldier, Where's the War?-Part 3

It would appear that one of the best strategies in wartime is to "know your enemy." It works in football as teams watch video of other teams playing before they face them in a game. It happens in wrestling and martial arts where competitors study the strategy and moves of their opponent so they know what to expect, how to counter and overcome them. 

I remember the classic movie Patton. In one scene, after defeating Nazi Field Marshall Erwin Rommel's troops in the North African desert during World War II, General George Patton shouted to his enemy, "I read your book!" That is, Patton took the time to study his opponent's wiles and ways, and as a result, knew how to defeat him. 

The same holds true in our spiritual warfare: we must know our enemy, opponent and adversary! In the previous articles in this series, I said that one of the four conclusions we could draw from the Scriptures in Ephesians and 1 Peter is that there is an enemy-Satan.

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