Peter's Confession of Jesus

Matthew 16:13-20

From Exegetical Commentary on Matthew, AMG Publishers, 2006.

[13] Caesarea Philippi was a city set on the southwestern slope of Mount Hermon and the furthest distance north Jesus traveled in His earthly ministry. Considerably north of Galilee, the city was located near the source of the Jordan River. Mount Hermon was sometimes called Paneas, from the Greek word pn, (the neuter of ps [3956], all), perhaps derived from the heathen Greek god, Pan, during the Hellenistic era. This would correspond with its reputation for being a center of idol worship.

Somewhere along the border of this city, Jesus asked His disciples regarding rumors concerning His Person and work. "Whom (tna, the accusative interrogative pronoun of ts [5150], who) do the men (hoi nthrōpoi, with the definite article, meaning "the men who have anything to say at all") say (légousin, the present tense of légō [3004], to select words to convey thought, the present tense highlighting regularity) that I the Son of the man am?" (a.t.).

That the verb légō basically means "to select" is evidenced by its association with loga ([3048], collection, or, in the organizational sense, of a gathering of likeminded persons). So we can paraphrase Jesus' question as follows: "What is the general opinion concerning the Son of man among those who speak of Him?" 

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