"One Generation Shall Praise Your Works to Another"

Worship and the Church-Part 7

This article represents the conclusion of our series on worship. Our intent has been to challenge us to think biblically about worship, what it is, and what our role is in it. We've said that to worship something means to attribute worth to it. And to worship God is to ascribe supreme worth to Him. There is nothing more worthy in all the universe and beyond than our God.

To truly give Him supreme worth, our worship must reflect Him. That is, we must worship God as He has revealed Himself, Father, Son, Spirit. Our worship should be saturated by His Word, centered in the Gospel, communicating the fact that we were lost in sin, enemies of God, yet He reached out and brought us to Himself through Jesus' death on the Cross.

Worship encompasses more than music, but music is a big part of worship. Music helps us express our unity in the Gospel as we sing together. It helps us remember God's Word, because we tend to remember what we sing. We saw from Scripture that God wants our music to be creative, reflecting a variety of music, new, old, vocal, and instrumental. And He wants the music of our worship to be characterized by excellence, singing, writing, and playing with skill. And finally, God wants our music to be filled with emotion that honors Him.


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