The Pilgrimage of Grief

Editor's note: Rudy was unable to provide a column this month, so we are reusing his column from the July 2000 issue of Pulpit Helps. Thank you.

Grief is a universal experience that transcends every type of human barrier. The pain of loss is common to the human family, for any important loss triggers grief. We will grieve; the real issue is how we choose to grieve.

While the stages of grief may differ from person to person, a healthy grieving process will move through different phases. At the core of this process are our emotions, the changes we experience, bodily distress, and-if the death of a loved one is involved-a preoccupation with the image of the deceased.

After the initial loss, feelings of grief may strike someone unexpectedly. The pain or sadness that suddenly touches a person weeks or months later seems like a surprise that comes out of nowhere. That is the nature of grief.


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