Buried Sin and Missed Grace


It is hard to viscerally experience our ongoing need for the grace of God in our lives when we think ourselves more victim than sinner. Some of us who have availed ourselves of therapy because of abuse we suffered in early life are often most prone to this victim mentality, but it also afflicts many contemporary Christians simply because we are immersed in a culture of "victimhood". We find it difficult to take responsibility for our continuing sins when our society incessantly tells us that someone in our past damaged us for life through no fault of our own. 

Now this is not to say that many of us have not experienced just that (and it is also not to condemn all therapy, especially Christian counseling which can be biblically-based and helpful). We are often in need of healing from wounds of the past and there is a special kind of grace for that very thing. But we also can become lulled into a sense of complacency about our ultimate need to take responsibility for the sometimes sinful ways we have reacted to what happened to us.

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