Simple Marks of Faithfulness


During the reign of Queen Victoria, a heartwarming story made its way to the headlines of British news. The story is told of a homeless, mixed breed puppy that wandered the streets and came to the feet of a sentry outside St. James Palace. The dog was covered with snow, and was both hungry and cold. The sentry picked up the dog and fed him, and gave him the name Jack. Jack became so attached to the sentry that he was adopted to be the mascot for the Scots Guards.

During the Crimean War, Jack could be seen stride-for-stride with his master on the battlefield. When his master was mortally wounded during a battle, Jack stood faithfully by his master's side until both were removed from the battlefield. Hearing of the courage this noble dog displayed, Queen Victoria was deeply touched. She had a miniature Victoria Cross (Britain's highest military decoration for gallantry) made, and she placed it on the collar of the dog.

Jack, however, did not live for an award; he lived for his master. For the next twelve years, Jack would make his way through the iron gates of the cemetery and lay down upon the grave of his master. There, Jack would lie every day between meals until he died. 

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