The Critical Eighteen Inches

The Journey from Head Knowledge to Heart Revelation


"I am not getting fed at this church!"

If you haven't heard this statement, you probably haven't been around many churches. Many churchgoers feel that their pastor is not giving to them the deeper truths of the scriptures. In some cases this may be true, but by and large, the opposite may be true. The greatest need for the average person who sits on a church pew is not for a deeper revelation of Gods' truth, but the application to their lives of the truth they already have. Although we never totally achieve it, Jesus set the pattern, "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us" (John 14:1).

And so what do we do? We develop a city-wide ministry and we hop from one church to another in search of that elusive deeper knowledge of the truth. Have you heard of the guy who was stranded on a desert island for twenty-five years? When finally recued, they found he had built a house and two churches. When asked why he had built two churches, his answer was, "the first one is the church I used to attend." The truth is applied to our lives when we walk through, not around our struggles.

True discipleship takes place only where an intellectual understanding of God's Word proceeds to a radical heart transformation; when we navigate those critical eighteen inches between our head and heart. Our lives should not only be a proclamation but a demonstration of the God's truth. My ongoing journey from head to heart revelation started for me in of all places, a chicken farm! 

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