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Crazy Busy: A(Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem, Kevin DeYoung, 2013, Crossway, Wheaton, Ill., ISBN 9781433533389, 128 pages, $11.99, softcover.

DeYoung, a pastor and author from East Lansing, Michigan, has developed a reputation for writing pointed books that call Christians to understanding, faithfulness, and repentance in areas of life that seem to ride in our "blind spot". Crazy Busy is his latest effort in this vein, and he hits his mark well, not least because he says he was writing as much to himself as to anyone else. DeYoung asks readers to reconsider why we all seem to be so "busy" all the time, arguing that this frenetic pace and chaotic lifestyle hinders our ability to worship God and serve others well. Over 10 short chapters, he seeks to diagnose the problem of busyness and offer scriptural solutions.

Delighting in the Law of the Lord: God's Alternative to Legalism and Moralism, Jerram Barrs 2013, Crossway, Wheaton, Ill., ISBN 9781433537134, 330 pages, $25.00, softcover.

For many Christians, the idea that we are to obey God's Law smacks of the man-centered religion the Gospel message shatters. Reasoning faithfully from the Scriptures, however, Barrs shows clearly that the Law reflects the character and holiness of God, and draws out the role that it plays in the Christian's life. He seeks to help believers recognize and articulate the importance of God's commands and to clear away unbiblical ideas that cloud our thinking so that we can honor God well.

The End of Our Exploring: A Book about Questioning and Confidence in the Faith, Matthew Lee Anderson, 2013, Moody Publishers, Chicago, ISBN 9780802406521, 224 pages, $13.99, softcover.

In this short book, Anderson addresses the nature of faith and doubt, asking if we as Christians know what it means to question well. He says that believers need not fear questions, but by the grace of God, we have the safety and security to rush headlong into them and find ourselves better for it on the other side. He contends that faith helps us see, and that means not shrinking from the ambiguities and the difficulties that provoke our most profound questions. In uncertainty, however, he reminds us that we must not give up the task of walking worthy of the calling that Christ has placed upon us.

Fallen: A Theology of Sin, Christopher W. Morgan and Robert A. Peterson, editors, 2013, Crossway, Wheaton, Ill., ISBN 9781433522123, 291 pages, $19.99, softcover.

Part of the Theology in Community series, Fallenbrings together accomplished writers and thinkers, including D. A. Carson and Douglas J. Moo, to shed light on a key area of Scriptural teaching. The contributors explore what God's Word teaches about our sin and its consequences from each section of the Bible, and also address contemporary application. This volume is prophetically timely, as our world (and, too often, the Church) continually seeks to assuage its guilt by defining down sin. Fallen brings mankind's depravity to the fore, showing clearly our great need for a Great Savior.

The Kingdom Agenda: Life Under God, Tony Evans, 2013, Moody Publishers, Chicago, ISBN 9780802410610, 544 pages, $22.99, hardcover.

In this update of his 1997 work, What a Way to Live!, Evans seeks to call believers to total submission to God and His Word in every area of life, public and private. He reminds readers that God's kingdom isn't just about theology and church; it isn't just a quaint religious idea or an obscure theological concept, but it is about a whole new way of seeing the world and your place in it. The Kingdom Agenda offers readers a fresh and powerful vision that will help them think differently about life, relationships, and their walk with God.


The Lion and the Lamb: New Testament Essentials, Andreas J. Kstenberger, L. Scott Kellum, and Charles L. Quarles, 2012, B&H Publishing, Nashville, ISBN 9781433677083, 413 pages, $39.99, hardcover.

This academic overview of the New Testament is an abridged and updated version of the authors' previous work, The Cradle, the Cross, and the Crown. The book provides an introduction to the context and content of the New Testament, including a study of each of its 27 books. Additionally, the authors seek to give Bible Students a brief foundation in understanding the purpose of Scripture and the principles of interpretation. This promises to be an excellent resource, both as a reference for pastors and teachers and as a textbook for classroom instruction.

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