The Need 4 Integrity - Sermon Outline

The Need 4 Integrity ( GENESIS 39:1-12 )

How will the world know our message of Jesus Christ can be trusted?  How will they know that we speak with authority on spiritual matters?  How will they see that our motives are pure?  They will know because of our AUTHENTICITY....and authenticity starts with INTEGRITY.   

Reputation is "what other people think of us," but integrity is "who we really are when no one is looking," and "how trustworthy something is to what is advertised."


In the world's eyes, without INTEGRITY, our words and action have no foundation...

If the integrity of something can be weakened, the authenticity is questioned, and its usability is diminished.


It's time we take inventory of our current spiritual INTEGRITY...NOT how where we think it is,..NOT how we think others see it,...BUT what God sees compared to scripture...

Spiritual Integrity involves...

        LIVING BEFORE GOD'S FACE - Gen 39:9



         INTERNAL BEHAVIOR - Gen 39:21-23


Joseph lived a life in front of God, before God, and for God.  The circumstances he found himself in were not his fault.  But, he focused on worshiping God IN every an a a a a king


No matter the situation, he lived with integrity because

- he measured his actions by God's standards

- he recognized his weaknesses

- he planed a way of escape for when temptation came

- he chose to follow that plan because it honored God

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