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On Apr 14 2013, Wayne Warner Wrote:
J. Sidlow Baxter article.

The author mentions Baxter's healing. Someone reported that his wife was also healed, in a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting. Do you know whether this is true, and do you have particulars?

OnJul 27 2010, anonymous Wrote:
In regard to Pastors-Finding the balance...very nice article. I do feel however that the lady who was citing these things in the church was(like so many) ultimately wrestling with the last six words in II Tim 3.1-5.."and from such people turn away". Alas,many people are going through this similar circumstance in many churches today, and I feel they're looking for an answer of WHEN its time to turn away(?) Others have told me that is you ask 20 pastors that question, you get 20 different answers. Which...dosen't answer their question, it only leads to more frustration.

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