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On Jan 13 2011, mike fincham Wrote:
in response to Power of Words..Brother Joe I was very moved by your article..being from WV and quite familiar with your upbringing so much in your article seemed very personal for me. However I thank God that in my childhood,even though dad died while I was still in high school, and being a man of few words..what words he had for me were always loving. I can only remember my dad 'losing' his temper one time in my life. And that was because he thought me to be in a dangerous situation due to some carlesness from a neighbors action. Most of all I thank the Lord always that his priority was to have me in church before I can even remember. Although I cant relate to harsh words being given toward me, your article has awakened in me again today the great love my dad had for me. Thank you brother for all you do!

On Jan 13 2011, Ron McGhee Wrote:
I am still having trouble as a paid subscriber, getting all

your e-mails and articles. tell me what to do.

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